Minnesota Parental Mediation

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party – the mediator- assists parents, as they re-define their roles as co-parents of their children. In Mediation, the parents are treated as the experts. As a trained and experienced professional, the mediator's role is to help parents in developing plans to care for their children focusing on the best interests of the children. Mediation Is confidential, information discussed during mediation cannot be shared with the attorneys, the Court, custody evaluators, guardian's ad litem, or any other third parties unless there is an agreement reached; agreements are summarized in writing and may be shared with parent's attorneys.

These agreements may include the Who, What, When, Where and How of parenting:

WHO is going to schedule and arrange the children's routine health care?
WHAT activities will the children be enrolled in?
WHEN the chidren are sick, and need to be home from school/daycare, who will care for them?
WHERE will the children be in childcare?
A trained mediator will assist parent's in establishing a parenting time schedule, that includes scheduling and arranging holiday and school breaks.

Custody/Parenting Time Evaluations

Minnesota Law bases custody evaluations on the BEST INTERESTS of the child, Minn. Stat. §518.17, Subd1.
Custody and Parenting Time Evaluaions typically include the following:

  • Meeting individually with each parent.
  • Observing children in each proposed home with parents, siblings, and other household members who reside with that parent.
  • Psychological/Chemical Health Evaluations when indicated.
  • Review of children's academic/attendance records.
  • Review of relevant medical records.
  • Review of Law Enforcement records.
  • Review of Parenting Questionnaires.
  • Review of personal collateral provided by parents.
  • Final meeting with parents.

Summary conference with both parents and attorneys to review completed report and recommendations.
A custody evaluator makes recommendations in the best interests of children for consideration by the Court.

Early Neutral Evaluation - Social Neutral Evaluation

Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) is an evaluative process that occurs early in the case. A male/female team listens to both parents who are present with their attorneys and considers the issues. The focus of SENE is on informed cooperation and settlement. The SENE process is confidential and is an alternative to custody evaluations which can take months to complete.

Parenting Time Expeditor

As part of a custody/parenting time matter, the Court or the parties may seek the appointment of a Parenting Time Expeditor, or PTE to assist parents in resolving disputes.

This role is defined in Minn. Stat.§518.1751. A PTE assists parents by interpreting and enforcing existing Court Orders, and by mediating disputes which may arise between parents. When the parents cannot reach a resolution, the PTE then issues a written decision.

Parenting Consultant

Parenting Consultant's are contracted by parent's and given authority when parents cannot agree. PC's decide issues in dispute; those decisions are binding upon parents. When a parent disagrees with the PC, he or she then files a proper motion for court review.

The goal of a PC is to support families going through difficult changes in co-parenting in a manner that resolves issues in the best interests of children.

Parenting Consultant's assist parents with a number of parenting issues involving their children, that may include scheduling and arranging parenting time, parenting time exchanges, pre-school, school and extra-curricular activities and related concerns.

Elder Care Mediation

Eldercare Mediation is an affordable way to help families stop arguing and start having productive discussions about the care of aging loved ones.

Elder mediation addresses the following issues:

  • Disagreement over where the older person should live.
  • Resistance to moving or giving up decision-making authority.
  • Conflict when different generations are living under the same roof.



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