Parental And Custodial Mediation

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party – the mediator- assists parents, as they re-define
their roles as co-parents of their children. In Mediation, the parents are treated as the experts.

As a trained and experienced professional, the mediator's role is to help parents in developing plans to
care for their children focusing on the best interests of the children.

Mediation Is confidential, information discussed during mediation cannot be shared with the attorneys,
the Court, custody evaluators, guardian's ad litem, or any other third parties unless there is an
agreement reached; agreements are summarized in writing and may be shared with parent's attorneys.

Elder Care Mediation

Eldercare Mediation is an affordable way to help families stop arguing and start having productive discussions about the care of aging loved ones.

Elder mediation addresses the following issues:


  • Disagreement over where the older person should live.
  • Resistance to moving or giving up decision-making authority.
  • Conflict when different generations are living under the same roof.

Moving Targets

Persons appointed as Custody Evaluators, Guardian's Ad Litem, Parenting Consultants or Parenting Time
Expeditors are vested with the responsibility to maintain focus on the best interests of the children and
to adhere to State and Federal privacy laws maintaining the confidentiality of children and their families.
These are difficult roles and the nature of the beast is such that parents are often disappointed in the
resulting outcome - recommendations or decisions made in the best interests of their children.

A small percentage of these parents are unable or unwilling to accept these recommendations/decisions; rather than accepting responsibility for their own roles in having caused harm to their families
and focusing on moving forward, they engage in maladaptive behaviors voicing their anonymous views
and complaints on bizarre, deflamatory websites. Court appointed evaluators, Guardian's Ad Litem
and third party neutrals are moving targets as these frustrated litigants know that their angry posts
cannot be disputed in that their privacy as well as the privacy of the other parent and children must be
protected by the Court-appointed professionals.

I (Jean Kubitschek) encourage anyone who has viewed such websites to view the postings with sympathy for the children of these parents, and to maintain empathy for the writers who very obviously face emotional



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